#HERtimeisNOW Media Pack

For its campaign around women entrepreneurship in India, Project Her&Now has developed a variety of communication products: Ranging from short films, a graphic novel, videos, to a podcast – all these serve as ‘infotainment’ tools for introducing the topic in an engaging way and giving though- provoking impulses to the audience.

The goal of the Her&Now media campaign was to inspire future women entrepreneurs by showcasing stories of relatable role models, and educate their families, communities and ecosystem surrounding them in order to create a more supporting environment for women entrepreneurs.

Through the #HERtimeisNow Media Pack, Project Her&Now would like to share its products as well as experiences for other gender-transformative communication campaigns around women entrepreneurship in India. The pack can be used by any institution interested in using the different products for educational purposes related to gender and entrepreneurship.


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